Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 15 Workshop Successful!

Over sixty attendees were at the OElA/ORELAP Workshop in Salem on Friday, May 15. Thanks to all who helped with the program and all who were in attendance. (Don't forget HACH and Wibby Environmental who sponsored our breaks.)Michael Skeels set the tone from the beginning with his Future of ORELAP presentation. Marlene Moore, our featured speaker, spoke on Small Laboratory Quality Systems and also moderated our first ever Assessor's Forum. In fact there are two questions that didn't get answered yet: One on how to perform a Microbiological continuing proficiency demonstration and another on whether or not you need to follow the 5th Edition of the EPA Drinking Water Certification Manual to the letter or just as "guidance". We'll let you know what the answer's turn out to be.Copies of the speaker's presentations are posted here. Just click on the links below:

Michael Skeels' Future of ORELAP:

Dan Hickman's TNI and ORELAP update:

Michelle Van Kleeck's Electronic Data Reporting of Drinking Water Data:

Marlene Moore's Small Lab Quality Systems:

Ethics and Data Integrity Training Presentation: